who will you be?

a student friend recently reminded me of a person i used to be. i looked back on my blog when i first began - apr. 2006 - and realized that i had more drive, passion, and attention for Christ then which is somewhat lacking in my life now. i am reading a few books, one that deals with our children's perception of our walk with God and it really got me thinking... it will do me no good to read those books if i am not also filling my life with God and His word so it may overflow to others in my life. i now decide to really strive after God so that i may love Him more but also so jane will see my life and desire what i have because of who i am in Christ! if you see me in the near future, ask me about what i'm experiencing with God and hopefully i will have an answer for you.

how about you, what person do you want to be so that others will desire what you have? go out and be that person. ps. 63.3

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Claire said...

Sounds like you're doing some good evaluating. Before this deployment we committed to taking this year apart to really focus on our walks, as we haven't done a great job the last few years. Particularly when we know we want to start working on kids when he gets back, it seem imperative to prepare ourselves. I know we'll need to keep working once we have them, obviously, but we're hoping to begin our journey together again in a more focused, hungering place.