i want that

i found this link on facebook today. it is about multitasking and our media addiction, which i have but not to the extreme of the main guy in the article. his job deals with computers and he is constantly surrounded by media all day. you should read it, it is convicting. i did take the "tests" on focus and switching tasks and did very well, a good boost for ego. i di need less media throughout my day and i don't even have t.v.

then pete sent me this link of the new iphone4 announced today. so cool! i wish i had one, and i have the 3Gs. so really, it is so amazing. video calls, new organizational tools (we all know how i love that) anyway, watch the video and you will want one too.

so, moral of the post, i need to focus on God first and always before i go buying other things to distract me from Him.

the end


Sarah said...

I'm getting Jane a cell phone for her birthday. Take that. :)

Claire said...

This is honestly why I haven't gotten a "smart phone". I already have a short enough attention span (and I'm ALWAYS home right now, so I have no need for internet on my phone, but still...), but I do REALLY want one. I know this will be just another thing to distract me from being disciplined!