eat or drink?

lately i have been cooking dinner four nights a week (sometimes friday too.) it has been good to be consistent and i am learning a lot more about cooking and enjoying it a bit more too. the recipes i have been using are more "complex" than what i cooked even last year. so the other night pete says, "i think i want something normal to eat for dinner soon" that was quickly followed by, "but thank you for making dinner all the time." anyway, he just wanted some spaghetti with meat sauce. so tonight i made noodles (not spaghetti, we were out) and sauce with meat and parmesan cheese. it was pretty good and it only took about 20 minutes so it was nice.

pete and i also decided that we need to eat better. if i go to the gym everyday but eat crappy the rest of the time then my efforts will be in vain and pete feels like crap when he eats crap. so we made new "rules." we are starting out small. 1. make healthy choices most of the time 2. one sweet type thing a day - we eat a lot of sugar i think. so those are the rules and that got me thinking of what i eat that is sweet. usually i will have about one or two candy bar treats a week (i buy them on my weekly grocery trip, not good.) but the rest of the time i drink my sugar. either in soda, usually on weekends, or fancy coffee drinks. so i have limited myself to one soda and one coffee latte type drink a week - also to use skim and sugar free when i can. hopefully that will help in my quest to lose 5 more pounds by june and help us set good examples once jane starts eating the same food as us.

so my question for you, do you eat or drink your calories when you indulge?


Kelli said...

Nielson's frozen custard(right by work, not a good thing) or a fountain Coke and yes it has to be a Coke. :)

jen said...

I used to drink the form of Dr. Pepper or lattes. Now I try to stay away from the Dr. Pepper and all my lattes are skinny. So now more of my treats are in the edible form, but I try to make sure they are either homemade (so I can use healthier ingredients like whole wheat flour) or something like a Newman's Own treat (organic & natural).

Good luck! Seth and I were talking the other day about how pete's body would be even more of a machine than it already is if he ate healthy food.

Kimber said...

Definitely eat....there is a gluten free bakery in Kaysville now, and I frequent that place at least once a week. But, I guess 1-2 times a week is better than 5-7, ha ha ha.