quick update

for all who read this blog, just a quick update on our activities lately:

1. we sold our house! well it's under contract and we should close at the end of october, then we will be moving to the valley. 1.8 acres, a barn, and a guest room. so you (anyone who wants to visit) can come stay!

2. jane is 16 weeks on wednesday! she will be getting her second round of immunizations at the dr. but i think she will be fine, she is one tough cookie. she can laugh now, she giggles at me sometimes too. she rolls from tummy to back, but not back to front yet.

3. Bible reading update: we just finished 2. corinthians and are almost finished with proverbs. i cannot believe we have been doing this since january - and i am going to finish this time. (well, i have finished once in my life, but i have tried a few more than that). observations: paul is an amazing person, i am a bit intimidated by him and he is not even alive. i know he would not want me to say that, but i do realize that Christ was at work in him in a mighty way. also, solomon really was wise, but it seems that all of proverbs can be condensed to: run from folly and seek wisdom and understanding.

4. i have 8 more pounds to lose of the acquired "baby" weight! i am pretty excited and hope to go even 5 lbs past that by march or so.

so there is the update. i hope you had a great day and can encourage someone through your actions


Meredith said...

Can I just say that Jane is a cutie! Her chubby cheeks are adorable:) Thanks for the update!

melissa o said...

You go lady! Holy crap - you go peeling off that baby weight so quickly!

Jane is so adorable. I just want to pinch her little cheeks.