my pregnant friends

at church we have four of us that are pregnant - so far. we are all about 5 -8 weeks apart and i love taking pictures to document our progress together. three of us are close enough to be in the same trimester at the same time - if only for a week. 

at easter time we were all in the 2nd trimester - i was almost in the third, sarah right in the middle, and stacy just beginning
this is us just this past sunday - keri is in the 2nd trimester and feeling much better now. stacy is just starting the 3rd trimester - 28wks, sarah is around 33 wks, and i am almost finished at 39 wks! 
it is pretty fun to be pregnant at the same time as my friends. however, Lord willing, i won't be pregnant much longer and they will be taking preggo pictures without me. i think i'm okay with that. 


Meredith said...

How fun. maybe I should move out there and drink the same water that you all have been. I want to pregnant so bad. Still trying. My best childhood friend is expecting as well as two or three of my other friends. It's exciting none the less.
You're getting close and I'll be praying for a safe and speedy delivery:)

melissa o said...

How fun to get to experience your pregnancy with friends!