nailed it!

okay, the first day of school is complete and i not only survived but i feel that it went very well overall. because this is now my third year (can you believe it) i think i have a better handle on the first days of school. i also think this year could possibly be the hardest yet and here's why:

i took two training/classes this summer which is awesome, but also shows me where i have weaknesses in my teaching practices and that is difficult for me to let pass by. (i can't do everything all at once)

i now have students that i have taught for three years now, and they think they have me all figured out so it is a challenge to continue to make things better and slightly unpredictable for them. (because i am completely predictable)

i am still a "newbie" but i feel like more is expected from me now, which is good but hard to live up to already.

more updates to come (especially those of a non-teaching nature) thank you for being my friends and reading about my life. hopefully we can talk face to face soon.

whatever you do, do to the glory of God


Claire said...

Hey Amy! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the first day! I have to say I think it's so awesome that you are being challenged and yet loving it. You are an amazing woman and I had a big surge of missing you when reading this! I'm excited for you for this year, and I'll pray God helps you figure out how to throw a few loops to those students!

Whitney said...

Huzzah for teachers! Huzzah for crazy pretty shirts that scare the boys! Huzzah for the Barry Gibb Talk Show!

Whitney said...
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