strange surprise

monday nights are usually busy and exciting, and this monday was no different. i came home very flustered getting ready for Bible study, finishing laundry, taking the dog out and feeding her, and trying to remember what we were supposed to bring for dinner. Bible study was good, we had a lot of discussion about relationships and the word love because we are learning/talking about loving God and loving our neighbors; the greatest commandments. so that is not my strange surprise, but i thought i would fill you in on Bible study stuff. 

okay, on to the story... monday after i get home we were cleaning up the house a bit and i had remembered that my sister so nicely reminded me that it was spring on sunday. "it's the middle of april! you should take down your winter wreath now." so i proceeded to take down the wreath from the front door with the intent of putting it away. here's where the surprise comes in. we have had a bird living in our porch light for quite some time and every time we turn the light on it becomes frightened (i can't imagine why) and flies away. well, we haven't seen the little bird in a long time and i assumed it found somewhere else to live. evidently it decided that my very realistic, tree-like wreath would be a good home. so when i took the wreath down, attached very firmly to the back is a nest! and it has two bird eggs in it. i have not seen the momma bird in a long time so she may have abandoned the nest as well as the eggs. plus, it has been cold and windy so i don't think there are baby birds in them anymore/or ever, but it was still a very strange surprise. now i don't know what to do with the wreath. but if they are still there by perhaps june then pete will have to take care of it because i can't bring myself to disturb them. anyway, here are some poor pictures because it was at night and i didn't want to disturb it more than i had already. 

this is the wreath on the door, very cozy under the porch light
this is a close up of the wreath but it is so blurry sorry. the little string stuff is the only evidence of the nest from the front of the wreath. 
this is the view from the door's peephole. (the camera wouldn't take a picture from the inside - something about two lenses not getting along) 
and this is the nest and the two cute blueish eggs. very good nest builder that momma bird. 

hopefully the two birds don't hatch and start asking me, "are you my mother?" if you want to see them, come on over. end of strange surprise. 


Kaytee said...

That is so weird Amy! I might need to come and pay a visit to those little eggs! How fun!

Anonymous said...

I hope they hatch because then you can watch them through the peephole and not disturb them at all.

Sarah said...

I agree with Craig that would be cool. Don't have Kaytee come over because her bird killing ability might kill them! JK Kaytee