broomball rocks!

think back with me to saturday, january 27th, 2007. i'm not sure what you were doing on that day, you could have been cleaning, sleeping, making cookies, playing broom ball, drinking beer, taking care of little children, homework, or work-work. any of the above were acceptable options. whatever you were doing, i know that those of us (all 6) who choose to play broom ball definitely had a good time. if you weren't there, i'll catch you up with some really good, yet dark, pictures.

this is the ice rink in the park, complete with tree in the middle, used for running around

this picture is of the brave souls who participated: (left to right) london (dog), glendon, pete, carrie, andy, and fogg. i am the one taking the pictures so i will not be in any of them.

i told carrie to give me her best action shot, pretty good!

glendon and london were playing goalie, we didn't have enough brooms, so glendon found plungers for the goalies to use (they were brand-new).

this picture is for carrie's parents. action shot, she almost fell down. it is to prove that she actually played broom ball on an outdoor ice-rink in the middle of a park in utah!

now you have seen the fun, we also went to the shooting star afterwards for a burger and a beer, it was good. so next month whatever is going on, you should come. it is always fun, whatever we end up doing. thanks to all who came and made it even better.


sarah said...

we should 86 the 21 and older rule.

AMY said...

this time we could have, sorry!

micah said...

i have never seen how to lose a guy in ten days thank you very much!