every day so far

i am currently sitting at got coffee listening to chris tomlin on the ipod and supposedly grading papers for the end of the semester. i was thinking, not about grading, but about my new journal. that's right, i went out last week and bought a thick, black, simple journal for collecting my thoughts and ideas. it has engineer type paper (grid, not lines) and i have written in it every day since january 7th. i know, not that long, but i don't journal much. this year i am going to make it a habit. i already do it for my class at weber, we reflect on the day and what we learned, and i want to do the same thing for my life - reflect on the day and what i learned. so that's my new adventure, tell me one thing you have started or will start this new year to keep you going spiritually. have a great day!


sarah said...

that sounds like a good idea!

Ciao Baby said...

in the 70's we had a phrase; 'keep on keepin on'