on life: this weekend is a four day weekend for me unlike most teacher's three day president's day holiday. we had parent teacher conferences last week so we got friday off as well because wednesday and thursday were 12 hour days for us. see snippets for my favorite quotes from those days. 

we (the grandmas and i) went shopping this weekend for baby furniture. i bought a recliner/rocker and i think i found the crib/dresser set i like; they also bought some clothes that were on sale. i found two cute outfits and some shoes today at gymboree because they are having a good sale (10 things for 35 bucks, talk about good deals.) i have a hard time buying things for the baby because they are so expensive all the time, and there is not a little one actually here to use them yet. it is still fun and the grandmas really like it. 

pete is at avi 2 training all weekend - that is code for avalanche level 2 class to prepare him to be even safer in the backcountry. i like that he can do that now plus he will let me use his text books in my classroom later. the students don't really care, but i love learning weather type snow things. 

we are still reading through the Bible together this year,  finished exodus and almost through matthew. my favorite section so far was learning who was related and married and how they are somehow connected to Jesus. 

in other news, i am currently watching simpsons in hd and thinking about dinner. i think i need to eat more food in general on the weekends. my whole snack system gets thrown off when i am not at work. signing off until next time, amy


Sarah said...

Sounds like a good weekend. I'll fill you in on mine next time I see you!

p.s. congrats on using the pink stork parking spot! I'm a little jealous :)

mogg said...

So fun getting stuff for the baby! I have to restrain myself from buying baby stuff cause if I start, I'll never stop!

Sorry we never got together this weekend while the hubbies were playing in the snow, I had guests and had an equally as busy weekend. But let's get together soon!