the calm before the storm

friday, i went to the spa! that's right, sego lily day spa, and it was wonderful. the cheerleaders at chs chipped in and bought me a gift certificate for the end of the season, so thanks girls. i decided to use it right before i started work, so tomorrow i start work, but my face, back and toes are happy! i am happy to start work, don't get me wrong, but i know it is going to be hard and a bit stressful, thus the spa trip.

i also got a hair cut and eyebrow wax that same day. so the total body experience went from 9am to 2pm. it was the most time i have ever spent doing those types of things in one day, how great.

to get away from the trivial and useless, i would like to know your plans this fall. whether it be school, a new job, the same job, moving, staying, whatever. just leave me a comment, and i would love to know. as for me and pete, pete is going back to school for his final semester of his masters, i am teaching 3 classes at christian heritage high, and taking 7 credits of my teaching certificate (estimated time of completion, next fall). that is what we are up to, your turn.

God bless you, and we will be having a bbq soon, this weekend or the second weekend of september. i'll let you know.

by the way melissa, pete and terry are going to a conference at john piper's church sept. 29-oct. 1, i'm not sure if i can get work off or not, but they might be calling for a place to stay, hope you guys are loving your new place and town. see ya


Ashley said...

amy they can always stay here if needed we have a second room!

Drew & Leah said...

Fall Plans... #1 Close on our house and move in. Which will take until mid-late September. :) I also have grand plans of painting my kitchen, singing in our church choir, reading TONS, sitting on my front porch for hours on end, teaching a youth Bible study, and eating healthy (no pizza on the fly as it has been for the past 6 weeks), exercising 3-5 times a week, hosting my mom & little brother for 2 weeks, and getting ready for our India trip... oh yes, and I currently have plans to visit MO, SC, VA & Charlotte NC in 4 consecutive weekends. :) More than you wanted to know I am sure...


sarah said...

hey hey! my plans are weber, helping with the cheer chicas, going to india, having a blast! you know, the usual.

Kim-Kim said...

Hey friend! You are so cute, I have really been enjoying your posts lately.
So here are my fall plans (so far)

*Studying REALLY HARD for the MAT (Miller's Analogy Test)
*Taking the MAT in November
*Taking a trip to Italy!!!
*Continuing to work at the state
*Working part time at Starbuck's (you know, you CAN get free coffee if you come visit me)
*Spending some time with my best friend from Washington, she is coming down!

potential goals for the fall are:
*starting up a bible study with some girls
*getting more involved with teaching college class

I am so excited for you to start teaching!

Meredith said...

I'm so happy that you had a time of relaxation at the SPA. It sounds liike it was amazing. One day I'll do it but I'm a little bit worried that I would never want to leave once I got there and that could get pricey.

My plans for the fall are...In mid September I will be going to Romania for 2 weeks on a missions trip.Then it's back to work for a month or two until mid November when I will fly to Maylasia with Elaine, Nate and Buzz and then meet up with the rest of the family in India sometime in December. That trip will take me into the new year and then after that I'm not sure what I'll be doing. I'd like to move somewhere new. Maybe Cali with my bro and sister in-law!
Have a great first week of work and I'll see you next week!

Mel said...

My plans for the fall include:

1. Trying to get acquainted with a city that I know nothing about.
2. ENJOYING the city.
3. Supprting my hubs at a crucial time for him!
4. Same old, same old. Just in a different city.

Also, no probs on Pete and Terry. Hopefully you can come too!